CRO Vs Website Traffic : What’s Better?

Advantages of CRO:

  • Investing in improving Conversion Rate Optimization is a wise move as it significantly improves revenue.
  • Another wise move is to find ways to optimize Return of Investment rather than pooling in more precious resources to increase web traffic.
  • Using the existing traffic to increase conversion rates is a brilliant way of saving funds to use for other marketing channels.
  • CRO gives you lots of scope to analyze where you are going wrong. There is plenty of room for improvement.
    says Paul Leary from Are You On Page 1

Advantages of investing in website traffic:

  • For people who have “throw away money” this is a perfect choice. You need not invest in revamping your website or making any changes.
  • There’s less of a risk with money. But if a CRO isn’t done rightly, it can end up doing more damage that good.
  • Since the conversion rates are already well-known , there will only be incremental gains in revenue.

So what’s the verdict?

CRO clearly wins, simply because its the best long-term remedy. But it has to be done right with the right experts, guidance and solutions. CRO improvisation requires a plethora of things, yet they produce good, reliable results. So, go for CRO!

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