4 Vital Parameters For A Healthy Website

Just like the human body, there are some crucial parameters that determine if your website is at its optimum “health” or not. The “health” here refers to aspects like cyber attacks, hacks, plug-ins and outdatedness. In this article we tell you about the 4 parameters that need at least a monthly checkup, said by Paul (SEO RockStar) Leary

  • Security

As the most important aspect, the security of a website is forever under threat from viruses, malware and other serious defects that can put the entire system at risk. A regular update can fend off hackers who can easily steal sensitive data and misuse them for monetary gains.

  • Updates

Updates should never be missed. Apart from providing a blanket of security to your website, they also come with crucial features and functionalities that strengthen the other aspects of your website.

  • SEO

Improving the SEO is vital to stay relevant on the Google search engine. Since Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, old and outdated websites automatically lose their sheen and rankings. Hence it is imperative to improve SEO to keep up with the ranking race.

  • Page Loading Speed

The success of your website is directly proportional to how fast your web page opens for a user. There’s no beating about the bush here. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you must do whatever it takes to increase the speed.

Is Your Website Healthy? Check These 5 Points

  • Strong Integrations.

A healthy website thrives on its integration with Google Webmaster and other analytical tools. Like a strong foundation, a strong basic integration is absolutely necessary. Integration with Google Analytics, Google Console are important aspects that cannot be overlooked.

  • Good Content

A website that offers simple, understandable content is preferred by most users. Simply put, content is king. It must pass the test of 3 R’s- readable, relatable and relevant. It must be enhanced with photos and videos. Most importantly the content must be original and free of plagiarism.

  • Attractive, User-friendly Layout

Users will be quick to point out a flawed website that does not cater to their requirements. To keep users and search engines satisfied, the website must have easy navigation, friendly URL’s , quick loading time and mobile-friendly designs.

  • Updated SEO

A good SEO is like a thorough-bred racehorse. It can keep you relevant and popular on the Google Search engine. Outdated websites are quickly thrown out of Google’s spotlight because the search engine’s algorithms are forever changing.

  • Social Media

Keeping your website popular on social media platforms is like giving it a new lease of life. There are more users who access SEO Nashua websites via the social media platforms. Hence, it is important to keep social media accounts active and updated and ensure that “share” buttons are available for users.