How To Improve Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO RockStar says that conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is a brilliant factor that allows you to use the existing web traffic to make more money. It effectively eliminates or reduces the amount you spend on advertising and customer acquisition costs or CAC. Here are some brilliant ways to keep the CRO well-honed:

  • Using Conversion Optimization Tools

There are brilliant tools like Survey Any Place, Survey Monkey, Usability Hub, Lucky Orange and Similar Web that will evaluate your website and give you an exact picture of why web traffic is not good. Based on this analysis, the website can be enhanced to optimize the web traffic and conversion rates.

  • Use Lead Capture Forms

Lead Capture forms like Wordstream, Zendesk, Single Grain and Unbound allow you to collect information about your valued customers, (with their permission). This gives you a chance to present your brand as a credible business.

  • Use Explainer Videos

All users love a good video that explains what they are looking for and gives clarifications for any doubts they might have in mind. A landing page with a video can instantly boost conversion rates by nearly 80%.

  • Use Conversion Measurables

Conversion measurables like membership sign-ups, email newsletter subscriptions, and website page views are reliable conversion rate indicators.

CRO Vs Website Traffic : What’s Better?

Advantages of CRO:

  • Investing in improving Conversion Rate Optimization is a wise move as it significantly improves revenue.
  • Another wise move is to find ways to optimize Return of Investment rather than pooling in more precious resources to increase web traffic.
  • Using the existing traffic to increase conversion rates is a brilliant way of saving funds to use for other marketing channels.
  • CRO gives you lots of scope to analyze where you are going wrong. There is plenty of room for improvement.
    says Paul Leary from Are You On Page 1

Advantages of investing in website traffic:

  • For people who have “throw away money” this is a perfect choice. You need not invest in revamping your website or making any changes.
  • There’s less of a risk with money. But if a CRO isn’t done rightly, it can end up doing more damage that good.
  • Since the conversion rates are already well-known , there will only be incremental gains in revenue.

So what’s the verdict?

CRO clearly wins, simply because its the best long-term remedy. But it has to be done right with the right experts, guidance and solutions. CRO improvisation requires a plethora of things, yet they produce good, reliable results. So, go for CRO!

4 Vital Parameters For A Healthy Website

Just like the human body, there are some crucial parameters that determine if your website is at its optimum “health” or not. The “health” here refers to aspects like cyber attacks, hacks, plug-ins and outdatedness. In this article we tell you about the 4 parameters that need at least a monthly checkup, said by Paul (SEO RockStar) Leary

  • Security

As the most important aspect, the security of a website is forever under threat from viruses, malware and other serious defects that can put the entire system at risk. A regular update can fend off hackers who can easily steal sensitive data and misuse them for monetary gains.

  • Updates

Updates should never be missed. Apart from providing a blanket of security to your website, they also come with crucial features and functionalities that strengthen the other aspects of your website.

  • SEO

Improving the SEO is vital to stay relevant on the Google search engine. Since Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, old and outdated websites automatically lose their sheen and rankings. Hence it is imperative to improve SEO to keep up with the ranking race.

  • Page Loading Speed

The success of your website is directly proportional to how fast your web page opens for a user. There’s no beating about the bush here. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you must do whatever it takes to increase the speed.

Is Your Website Healthy? Check These 5 Points

  • Strong Integrations.

A healthy website thrives on its integration with Google Webmaster and other analytical tools. Like a strong foundation, a strong basic integration is absolutely necessary. Integration with Google Analytics, Google Console are important aspects that cannot be overlooked.

  • Good Content

A website that offers simple, understandable content is preferred by most users. Simply put, content is king. It must pass the test of 3 R’s- readable, relatable and relevant. It must be enhanced with photos and videos. Most importantly the content must be original and free of plagiarism.

  • Attractive, User-friendly Layout

Users will be quick to point out a flawed website that does not cater to their requirements. To keep users and search engines satisfied, the website must have easy navigation, friendly URL’s , quick loading time and mobile-friendly designs.

  • Updated SEO

A good SEO is like a thorough-bred racehorse. It can keep you relevant and popular on the Google Search engine. Outdated websites are quickly thrown out of Google’s spotlight because the search engine’s algorithms are forever changing.

  • Social Media

Keeping your website popular on social media platforms is like giving it a new lease of life. There are more users who access SEO Nashua websites via the social media platforms. Hence, it is important to keep social media accounts active and updated and ensure that “share” buttons are available for users.

3 Quick Techniques for Website Speed Optimization

The success of a website depends on how fast it works. Speed optimization is crucial for great user experience and good ranking on search engines. So what are the techniques that you can adopt for speed optimization? Replied Paul Leary from Nashua SEO company

  • Better Content Delivery Network

There is a huge increase in the number of websites that are using CDN or Content Delivery Network to increase their speed. CDN is highly recommended for large web pages. But how does it work? CDN enables faster loading by transferring static files to servers that are closer to the users.

  • Cleaning out the contents

Speed optimization can be considerably improved by all plugins and themes. Apart from this, get rid of all the spam contents from your site dashboard. Another major hindrance to speed are pop ups and ad banners. Clean them all out and see how fast your website works!

  • Check Server Response Time

The server response time can take a beating if there is too much traffic on your website. The traffic is a welcoming aspect, but you do not want your server to be a problem. To handle this, ensure that all database queries, routing and memory are in order.

Website Loading Speed: How It Impacts Your Business

The faster the web page load speed, the better are the conversion rates, traffic, and eventually the sales. Why does web loading speed matter? Simply because people don’t have the time and they have too many options.

Website speed and User Experience

User experience takes precedence over everything. Statistics put out scary numbers of how slow loading can make people change their minds. It is a fact that more than 75% of the online customers opt for another website without waiting. 47% will simply abandon your website if it takes more than 2 seconds to open. So, to put it bluntly, you have 2 seconds to give an impressive user experience.

Website speed and SEO

Amongst the hundreds of algorithms that Google uses to determine website rankings, web page loading speed is an important one. Search Engine Optimization can be greatly affected if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. And 3 seconds can mean “forever” for the user.

What to do?

To improve loading speed, here’s what you can do:

  • Have a clear cut plan for your site layout. Visitor navigation and content are vital aspects to be dealt with.
  • Remove all the cluttering aspects like unnecessary CSS, HTML, Style Sheets and outdated codes.